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18 October 2023Tools

The IndexNow Initiative: A Revolution for SEO Indexing?

Indexing is a cornerstone of SEO. Without it, the most valuable content might remain hidden. But with the emergence of IndexNow, the indexing landscape is about to undergo a radical transformation.

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What is IndexNow?

Born from the collaboration between Bing and Yandex, IndexNow aims to simplify indexing. Instead of waiting for search engines to discover new content, IndexNow allows sites to instantly notify multiple search engines of additions, updates, or deletions.

IndexNow vs. Traditional Methods

Unlike Google's approach, where bots crawl the web to find new content, IndexNow takes a proactive approach. This means faster indexing, less duplicated content, and better visibility.

Partner Search Engines

While Bing and Yandex were the pioneers, other search engines quickly followed suit, recognizing the benefits of IndexNow. This means a broader reach for newly indexed content.

How to Implement IndexNow on Your Site?

Installing IndexNow is simple and very quick. For those looking for a detailed guide on implementation, we have already written a comprehensive article on this topic. Just consult it to get all the necessary steps. Once in place, notifications are automatic, greatly simplifying the indexing process.

Use Cases and Testimonials

Several companies have already adopted IndexNow, with impressive results. Indexing times have been reduced from days to just a few minutes, which has a direct impact on visibility and traffic.

graph with impressions on indexnow growing

The number of impressions growing up after used IndexNow

Future Prospects for IndexNow

With increasing adoption, it's clear that IndexNow is on its way to becoming a standard for indexing. Its proactive approach and ease of use make it a future solution for SEO.


The IndexNow initiative marks the beginning of a new era for indexing. As the SEO landscape continues to evolve, innovations like IndexNow pave the way for a more connected and visible web.