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18 October 2023Tools

Foudroyer vs Tagparrot, who is the best google indexing tools ?

In the realm of SEO tools, Foudroyer and TagParrot are two major players. While TagParrot offers robust solutions, Foudroyer seems to have an edge with its innovative features suitable for both novices and experts.

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In this article, we will compare these two tools, highlighting the distinctive advantages of Foudroyer. And let's not forget: Foudroyer also offers a free version!

Comparison table between Tagparrot and Foudroyer.

comparaison features and plans between tagparrot and foudroyer

A Matter of Trust

In the world of SEO, trust is paramount. Granting rights to a third-party site for indexing often requires social proof. Foudroyer has received validation thanks to a successful launch on Product Hunt (1st of the day and 2nd of the week). As of October 12, 2023, Foudroyer has 5,500 users worldwide, from the USA to India, including France.

Unlimited Sites

At TagParrot, depending on the package, support ranges between 3 and 50 websites. Foudroyer stands out by simply offering unlimited websites for all its plans.

Advanced Indexing Status

TagParrot provides information on page indexing as well as certain issues via Google Search Console.

On the other hand, Foudroyer offers a more detailed perspective. If a page is not indexed, Foudroyer directly provides links from its interface to determine if it's due to crawl errors, server issues, nofollow directives, or other reasons. This level of analysis ensures a better-informed SEO strategy.

All Search Engines

Many tools focus exclusively on Google. This strategy covers the majority of traffic in many countries.

However, a sometimes significant portion of users comes from other search engines like Bing, Yandex, and Naver. As of October 12, 2023, Bing holds 33% of the market in the USA, Yandex dominates Russia with 64.1%, and Naver claims 30.84% in South Korea.

The advantage of Foudroyer? Get indexed on all these search engines by simply uploading a text file. More reach, less hassle.

all engines covered by foudroyer

User Experience

TagParrot has chosen to focus on a very simple sign-up and setup process. Setting up an account takes 2 to 3 minutes. Just add an email address to your account as the owner, and your pages can be indexed.

Foudroyer adopts a different approach to indexing. To start indexing your pages, you need to provide a Google API key. Fear not, a concise 2-minute tutorial guides users throughout the process of creating this key. Starting the indexing process therefore takes between 5 and 10 minutes with Foudroyer. This comes with a major security advantage: you remain in control of your keys.

Key Control: A Matter of Security

At TagParrot, the keys are created by the site and not by you. In the event of a hack, the access rights you initially granted can be changed. This could allow access to data and settings of your sites that you did not authorize.

With Foudroyer, it's simple: you create your own keys. Even in the event of a hack, no access rights can be modified. So, you can sleep soundly.


Just starting out in SEO? Foudroyer's free plan, with unlimited sites and indexing of 10 pages/day, is unmatched. This is sufficient for small sites with few pages, but also to test the indexing for free and ensure Foudroyer delivers on its promises.

TagParrot does not offer a free version.

For advanced needs, both platforms offer plans at $129. Foudroyer stands out by offering a limit of 2,000 pages/day, doubling that set by its competitor.

Indexing and Much More

While TagParrot only offers an indexing tool, addressing a specific issue, Foudroyer provides a comprehensive SEO suite.

Beyond indexing, it offers a tool for analyzing search console data, a keyword tool, and another tool for opportunities. These enhance your understanding of your website traffic. All these features are included in all paid plans offered by Foudroyer.

all features of foudroyer