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1 August 2023Documentation

Why is my website not displayed or not selectable ?

When adding a site on Foudroyer, it may either not appear or be grayed out like in the following screenshot:

Modal to add a website to Foudroyer

Why is my site not appearing in the list?

This is due to insufficient rights in the Google Search Console. To be able to add a site to Foudroyer, make sure you have the Owner rights on the site.

💡 Note: Full access rights are not sufficient to add a site to Foudroyer.

To learn how to modify a site's rights in the Google Search Console, you can refer to this article in the documentation.

Why is my site grayed out?

This is because there is a subdirectory in the registered domain name in your Google Search Console. Only domains without subdirectories are accepted.

For example, www.sudoku.academy is valid, but www.sudoku.academy/blog is not.

To add your currently grayed out site, you must first add your domain name without subdirectories to your Google Search Console. Then, try adding the site to Foudroyer again. It should now appear as the domain name hellofabien.fr in the screenshot above.